The Formula Green Corporation (FGC) has ownership in part or in whole of a diverse portfolio of protection & conservation mandates (PCM’s), extraction & production concessions (EPC’s) and futures encompassing the following resources :

  • Hydrogen (EPC’s)
  • Deuterium (EPC’s)
  • Lithium (EPC’s)
  • Thorium (EPC’s)
  • Metals (eg : copper, nickel, gold, platinum, silver / (EPC’s)


  • Marine Reserves (PCM’s)
  • Forest Cover (PCM’s)
  • Animal Reserves (PCM’s)
  • Water Reservoirs (PCM’s)

We are at the forefront of a new era which has begun to protect and/or ensure the responsible use of our ‘Natural Resources’ for the survival of Humanity.

For more information on FGC resources, please send us an email at