Mr. Ananda Leone Gari

Director - HNW Partnerships

Ananda’s track record in project finance is focused on the Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy sectors in the United States. Now based in his home country Italy, he has expanded his role globally working with Family Offices, HNW Clients and Investment Banks across Europe, Russia and the Middle East handling transactions in minerals (gold) and cryptocurrencies. 

Ananda serves as a board member and director for the Formula Green Corporation (FGC) overseeing the growth of FGC’s investments together with FGC’s Emirati (UAE) partnerships in the space industry. He has an extended role in all digital asset initiatives.

Ananda also co-heads FGC’s Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Quantum Computing programs in partnership with some of the world’s leading educational institutions and premier scientists in their fields of expertise. 

He is a former Physics student at the University of Bari in Italy.