Mr. Paul Infante Moñozca

Executive Chairman & CEO

Paul is the Executive Chairman of the UAE-based Parmon Trust, the European-based Maharlika Trust and the Dr. AB Moñozca Foundation. His other interests include property, FINTECH, retail, F&B and sports.

Awarded various recognitions for his advocacy on philanthrocapitalism and is a recipient of the Singapore Sports Inspirational Award, he also held multinational positions in such global companies such as Quaker Oats Co., Siemens and PricewaterhouseCoopers (Banking & Capital Markets) with roles in brand communications, business development and corporate finance during his 20-year career in Singapore. 

He was a prime mover in inter-bank fund transfer systems and alternative asset platforms in Asia and also serves as chairman of the 10-million strong Official Maharlika Association (OMA). 

He continuously serves as a Director for Philanthropy handling European, Emirati Royal and Asian family offices, and advocates a resource based economy for humanity.