A 4000-hectare property located in Southeast Asia has been allocated for this project in order to develop Asia’s first commercial SPACEPORT as part of a masterplan under a technology hub called  Maharlika City.

Following the design of the late American futurist and United Nations awardee Jacques Fresco, The Maharlika Spaceport will be built based on a Resource Based Economy where residents and visitors transact all products and services thru the Maharlika Coin (Ticker: MHLK-IRM), the world’s first asset-backed cryptocurrency and wealth distribution coin – (authentication protocols by the Maharlika Association applicable).

The Maharlika Spaceport Facility (MSF) will handle passengers from the most central location in Asia and will serve as the main refueling hub in the region with its space fuel production, storage and logistics capabilities.

The Maharlika Spaceport serves the space travel needs of the current population of Asia which stands at 4,627,677,711 (4.7 Billion people) as of Saturday, February 29, 2020, based on the latest United Nations estimates. The Asia population is equivalent to 59.76% of the total world population.  


The Formula Green Corporation (FGC) has a vertical acquisitions strategy to fulfill its growth plans covering research and development, extraction technologies including nanotechnology, storage, security, transport and distribution.

Each company in the acquisitions roadmap all have current relationships with FGC in the advocacy to push for the use of Fusion Energy for our planet leading to the advent of space exploration and travel. We are also a joint-venture partner for energy companies which have started their transitions to the Fusion industry.

For inquiries on investments and acquisitions, please send us an email at [email protected]